People will be able to interact with Stories in a new way on Meta’s Instagram. When someone shares an image or video that catches your eye, you can now send a private like. Previously, the only way to respond to a Story was to send a direct message or an emoji reaction to the creator. Your response would appear in their messages inbox in either case, clogging the interface.

You’ll notice a new heart icon between the “Send Message” pill and the airplane icon once you’ve gained access to the feature. Should you decide to send someone a Story like, it will show up in the viewer sheet, which you can access by viewing your own Story again. A like count will not be visible to people who view your Stories publicly.

“The goal here is to ensure that people can express more support for one another while also cleaning up DMs a little bit,” said Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri. “For us, messaging is a top priority, and focusing on DMs between you and the people you care about is a big part of that.”

Instagram is known for adding small but useful features like this on a regular basis. For example, the company added the ability to delete images and videos from a carousel last fall. Story likes aren’t going to change the way you use Instagram in any significant way, but they are a welcome addition nonetheless.