The number of Quest 2 headsets sold by Meta’s Reality Labs VR division has yet to be revealed. What we do know is that it has recently grown in popularity. For the first time, the Oculus app reached the top of Apple’s App Store charts on Christmas Day 2021. Thanks to everyone who purchased a Quest 2 headset to give to their friends and loved ones, the software reached that milestone.

Another amusing sign of how popular VR headsets are becoming is that insurer Aviva reported a 31% increase in home contents claims involving VR headsets last year, and a 68 percent increase overall since 2016. The average claim for VR-related accidental damages in 2021 was around £650 ($880), with the majority of incidents involving cracked TV screens.

“We often see this playing through in the claims made by our customers as new games and gadgets become popular,” Kelly Whittington, Aviva’s UK property claims director, told The Guardian. “We’ve seen similar trends in the past with consoles with handsets, fitness games, and even rogue fidget spinners.”

Aviva has already had to process a number of VR-related claims less than a month and a half into 2022, and the company expects more to come in throughout the year. That doesn’t tell us how many VR headsets are currently available. The closest we have to a solid number for the Quest 2 is a third-party estimate shared by Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon in November 2021. He claimed at the time that Meta had sold roughly 10 million units of its latest VR headset.