Cracked screens, liquid damage, and more are covered by the $99 annual subscription.

AppleCare+, Preferred Care, and comparable protection plans are expensive, therefore it’s understandable that some customers choose not to purchase them. Dropping or pouring liquid on your phone isn’t the end of the world anymore, according to the latest smartphones, which are more durable. A repair done outside of the manufacturer’s warranty may cost you several hundred dollars. One option is the $99 annual package offered by smartphone case firm Zagg, which covers most mobile devices.

If you need to have your Zagg Protect repaired, you will be required to pay a $49 deductible. It includes shattered screens, liquid damage, battery failure, power outages, and other issues.

However, the third-party plan is still a lot less expensive than AppleCare+ and Samsung Care Plus, two of the most popular device protection plans. After purchasing your smartphone, Samsung gives you a year of free Samsung Care Plus service. After that, you’ll have to pay anything from $4 to $13 a month. With this plan, a broken screen on any Samsung mobile phone will cost you $249. ‘ When purchasing a new iPhone, you get a free year of AppleCare, but the coverage is extremely limited and only covers problems that the manufacturer is responsible for. A two-year subscription to AppleCare+, which covers screen repairs on the majority of iPhones for $29 and other mishaps for $99.

This plan is more comprehensive than most, but is not unlimited. Only two repairs are covered in a year under this policy. A list of approved service providers is also required for use of the plan. It also mandates that you use a phone case as a condition of the plan’s $500 coverage.

Is it worth it to purchase a phone protection plan? For less expensive solutions, customers can now turn to independent repair shops and self-help resources like DIY kits thanks to the right to repair movement. Because phones are less easily destroyed these days (see this footage of an iPhone X that was found intact at the river’s bottom), even a minor incident can cause major disruptions in your daily routine.

Those $1,000+ devices that most of us have in our pockets or purses all the time have become our only method of interacting with other people as well as our credit card, transportation pass, and vaccine passport. Ultimately, whether or not you shell out the extra money for AppleCare+ or a similar protection plan like Zagg depends on your lifestyle and how frequently you plan to upgrade your devices.